How to Simplify Your Marriage with Commitment

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My thoughts on simplification

As I was thinking about how to write a blog post about commitment, I became aware of a truth. Unconsciously my wife & I  had decided to be totally committed to our marriage. By doing so we were really simplifying our job of creating a happy marriage.

We knew we were in this until “death do us part”. So, it just made sense to make the best of it and dissolve any differences we had.

Commitment evolved

As newlyweds, we were committed to having a good marriage. As the years went by, that simple first love evolved into a super precious spiritual union. It would take an unusually skillful poet to be able to describe how wonderful that type of love is.

We became committed to maintaining and even improving upon that new type of love.

Below you will find links to 8 different blog posts. The various posts discuss the different components that combine to create that special spiritual union.


It’s a good idea to be committed to doing multiple little romantic things every day. Learn more about how to do that on the blog post about romance.

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To create that special spiritual union love, it is necessary to spend lots of time together. You may want to

  • Have coffee together twice a day
  • Have devotions regualarly
  • Hold & love on each other regularly

To learn much more about spending time together, go to the Time blog post.


Here’s another component for having an exceptionally happy marriage: Regularly spending time alone loving on each other and being very intimate. Read the Intimacy blog post.


Every Marriage 101 course should include these concepts:

  • Never let the sun go down on your anger
  • If your spouse unknowingly offended you, let them know
  • Be QUICK to forgive.

Read more in the Forgiveness blog post.


When you empathize with someone, you understand  someone without them explicitly explaining what’s going on. (See dictionary definition.) Practice empathizing with your spouse. Then, if you sense something is wrong, do something to help rectify the situation.

Read more on the Empathy blog post.

Consideration & respect

Making a commitment to treating each other with consideration & respect every minute of every day can do wonders to improve a marriage. See the corresponding blog post.


We all have conflicts once in a while. Read the Conflict blog post to help you overcome conflicts.

5 love languages

After over 3 decades of couples counselling, Dr. Chapman noticed certain patterns in the way couples communicate. He noticed that most of these people express and interpret love in one of 5 ways. He calls them the 5 love languages.

You must communicate using your spouse’s main love language. Find out how on this blog post.



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