A Perspective on Budgeting Your Time for a Beautiful Marriage

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My wife NEEDS my time

My wife seems to love being with me.

So, I give her lots of time. It does not have to be “quality” time; it’s just time together.

However, I have other things to do rather than being with her all the time. I often have to explain her what I must do besides being with her.

Below are some of the things we do together. I would not change any of these things. They seem to have combined into such a phenomenally delightful marriage.




Twice a day she & I have lattes together. We give each other our undivided attention.

We talk about just about anything. Careful listening is just as important to us as talking.

On those rare occasions that we cannot think of anything to say, we just bask in each other’s presence.



Sometimes the morning coffee break can include an hour of conversation. Occasionally I’ll cut it short so that I can meet my other obligations of the day.


About 5 times a week we have devotions together. The sequence of events goes something like this:

  • Bible reading. We read out loud. It’s usually around 4 pages of the Old Testament & one chapter of the New Testament. Whenever something jumps out at us, we discuss it. (It could be just a 10-second discussion.)
  • Prayer. We each pray out loud.
  • Waiting on the Lord. We ask the Holy Spirit for a word for the day. After we each hear a word, we discuss it.
  • Communion.

Having these devotions has created a great unity between the two of us. I would never want to give it up. It’s probably the main reason we have such a phenomenally delightful marriage.


A couple of times a week we go through a little holding ritual. It includes just holding her under the covers for about 10 minutes and talking about love. Then we get up & have our morning coffee.


I have breakfast working in front of my computer while my wife is reading Facebook on her smartphone. The other two meals are spent giving our undivided attention to each other.


Television watching is more important to my wife than to me. I usually take about a one-hour break to watch something interesting with her. Otherwise I’m in my office working.

Another person’s perspective

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Healthy mind & body

This paragraph is beyond the subject of time. Here are two links that can make married life a more delightful experience. One is about lowering your stress level and the other is about healthy eating.



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