About Us

We are a couple committed. And we are very much in love.

We met on a blind date on September 25, 1971.

The how-to-blog websites tell us that we should blog about our area of expertise. One of my areas of expertise is being a husband. We have a marriage that others envy.

Getting back to that blind date, she was the most delightful lady I had ever met. And she still is. Our first date was one of those love-at-first-sight types of meetings. We were married the following April 29 — 7 months & 4 days after first meeting.

Married life just keeps getting better. I remember telling someone that romantic love is like a balloon that you keep blowing up and it never pops. It’s like that growing heart you see above except it never starts over.

However, please note that those who marry will face many troubles in this life (1 Corinthians 7:28b). So, like every other couple, we had strong disagreements once in a while. However, we had one little secret that helped each of those strong disagreements to fizzle out.

To help me explain that secret, please think about this. The rules of Canadian and American football are very similar but different.

Suppose a champion Canadian football player goes and plays with an American team. If he insisted on using the Canadian rules, that would not work. They have to use the same rule book.

Likewise in our marriage. We married as people with different experiences & different mindsets. However, if we used two different sets of rules, that would not work.

So, we use a book that some people call the best marriage manual in the world. It’s called the Holy Bible. We’ve been reading that out loud together since we were newly weds.

The main theme of the Bible is love. The Bible is full of stories about people who could not get along and others who got along very well. Love was often a factor that helped people get along. We keep reading new bits of wisdom that help us make our marriage even  better.

Continuing with our personal story, we have two super well-adjusted sons who each married an amazing lady. Now we have 8 grandchildren who all seem to be very happy, well-adjusted kids.

And they all have the hallmarks of being kids who will grow up to be happy citizens who will contribute richly to the community.

Creating Your Absolutely Delightful Marriage

The video below expresses the theme of this website. So, it has been posted on most of the pages here. If you have not watched yet, do so now.