Below is the post I made to Facebook on the occasion of my 52nd wedding anniversary. I think that makes me qualified to post to this website.

After 52 years, every day of being married is full of love and peace. It did not happen automatically. As the years went by, we kept finding ways of tweaking our relationship.

For instance, the first thing every morning, Linda makes us lattes. Then we sit down and talk about whatever is on our minds. And, our relationship grows. Good communication is so very important. Also, it seems like we treat each other with consideration and respect every minute of every day. Remember those 2 words, consideration and respect. We’re always saying things to build each other up and avoid saying unkind things. We make impulsive decisions and do lots of enjoyable things together. We’re proud of each other and talk about those things.

But, the most important contributing factor to our most delightful marriage is this: We are constantly doing things together that strengthen our relationship with God.


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