Respect & Consideration Can Really Simplify Marriage

A Revelation that Changed My Life

About 25 years ago I got a revelation about consideration & respect. It changed my marriage forever. It’s among the best revelations that ever happened to me — or to my wife.

Recently I shared it with a 30-something married man. Two weeks later he said that his marriage was 1000 times better.

Consideration & respect

It all started when our pastor told the congregation that it was easy to have a good marriage. All you had to do was take 1 Peter 3:7 seriously. I went home & looked up the reference and mediated on it for days.

It said: Husbands, treat your wives with consideration and respect so that your prayers will not go unanswered. I eventually decided that not treating my wife with courtesy and respect at all times was stupid behaviour. Among other things, it would put me under a curse. I feel that not having my prayers answered would be a curse.

At first I told my wife nothing about what I was thinking. I just started trying to treat her with consideration & respect every minute of every day. After a few days I found that she started treating me better.

(By the way, it really helps things in the intimacy department.)

Solving BIG problems

respectBack in the 1960s some NASA people wanted to send men to the moon. That was a BIG problem. One of the people drew a sketch of what would become the Saturn V rocket that took men to the moon. It was drawn on a napkin.

That’s an example of looking at a small component of a big problem and using it to eventually solve the big problem.

Similarly you can solve marriage problems by looking at the small components. In my case, it was looking at every minute of every day. Then I made sure it was filled with consideration & respect.

Creating Your Absolutely Delightful Marriage

The video below expresses the theme of this website. So, it has been posted on most of the pages here. If you have not watched yet, do so now.


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